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La giornata della memoria all'università

Università repubblica.it - Wed, 01/22/2020 - 19:25

Letture per i bambini sulla storia di Anna Frank alla Bicocca di Milano, il ricordo degli studenti cacciati dai corsi a Firenze e Palermo. Le iniziative degli atenei a 75 anni (il 27 gennaio) dalla scoperta della Shoah

Maschi più bravi in matematica? Colpa degli stereotipi fra i banchi

Università repubblica.it - Mon, 01/20/2020 - 17:12

I risultati del progetto di ricerca GegaMath della Libera università di Bolzano confermano che non si tratta di cause cognitive. "La differenza è dovuta perlopiù al permanere di stereotipi e di convenzioni rispetto alle potenzialità di maschi e femmine"

Roma, scuola pubblica si presenta così: "In una sede i figli dell'alta borghesia, nell'altra i ceti bassi"

Università repubblica.it - Fri, 01/17/2020 - 21:21

Bufera sull'Istituto Comprensivo di via Trionfale che nel testo on line di presentazione delle diverse sedi (corretto dopo qualche ora) sottolinea le classi sociali degli alunni che le frequentano: "Qui i ricchi con i loro badanti e le colf, lì il ceto medio, laggiù i poveri"....

Deadline Extended for Workshop at HRI 2020

RAS - Fri, 01/17/2020 - 14:32

HRI 2020 Half-Day Workshop, “Mental Models of Robots in Human-Robot Interaction” held in Cambridge, UK on 23 March 2020 is now offering two extended deadlines- One for applicants who want notification before the conference’s early registration deadline, and another for those who don’t.


Deadline Extended for Submission of 2-page Extended Abstracts:

Earlier Deadline: 20 January 2020 for notification by 29 January 2020 (*before* early registration deadline)

Later Deadline: 24 January 2020 for notification by 5 February 2020 (*after* early registration deadline)


We would like to invite you to participate in the 1st Workshop on Mental Models of Robots, to be held at HRI 2020 in Cambridge, UK on 23 March 2020.

The workshop website can be found through this link: https://mmhri.github.io/

We are soliciting 2-page extended abstracts to be presented in short talks at the workshop. Some suggested topics are below. Please contact Matt Rueben at mrueben@usc.edu with questions about the workshop topic, scope, or anything else.

Applicants with a background in human-computer interaction, natural language processing,design, human factors, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and any other related disciplines are welcome to apply. We especially encourage submissions from researchers and practitioners contributing theories, methods and applications that are only sparsely used in the HRI community such as human factors, gaming, and employee education for working with industrial robots.


HRI is a financially co-sponsored RAS event

Scuola, la riscossa dei classici: la notte dei licei aperti

Università repubblica.it - Fri, 01/17/2020 - 09:24

Le iniziative venerdì in tutto Italia. Il grecista Federico Condello: "Il liceo classico è stato e può ancora essere un eccezionale strumento di democrazia e giustizia. Si capisce bene che a qualcuno dà fastidio"

Deadline Extension- CALL for IEEE RAS Student Activities Committee (SAC) Chair AND Co?Chairs

RAS - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 17:33

DEADLINE EXTENSION ends 22-January-2020


The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) is seeking applications for the Member Activities Board’s Student Activities Committee (SAC). There are openings for one chair and one or more co?chairs. These positions offer great opportunities to learn more about the Society, have an international impact, and expand one’s professional network. The chair will serve for two calendar years (2020 – 2021), and the co?chairs for a one?year term in 2020 and renewable for a second year.

The IEEE?RAS Student Activities Committee promotes student participation in the Society activities in co?operation with all Society Boards, Committees and Working Groups, under the supervision of the Member Activities Board. The mission of the committee includes working on issues of interest to student members and interacting with student members and student chapter branches. Current areas of focus include:

  • Lunch with Leaders held at flagship conferences (ICRA, CASE, IROS)
  • Fun, informal social events at RAS sponsored conferences
  • Educational webinars
  • Membership development
  • SAC Website and social media content
  • Coordination with student branch chapter chairs
  • SAC column in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine (quarterly publication)

If you wish to be considered, please complete an Application Form by 10 January 2020 22 January 2020 and indicate whether you are applying for the Chair or Co-Chair position (please specify one or more co-chair positions):  and include the following information:

  1. A letter indicating applicant’s interest in serving on the SAC and relevant experience (2 pages maximum)
  2. A CV or résumé (2 pages maximum)
  3. A letter of support from a faculty member at your college or university (preferably a current member of IEEE and RAS).

For more information, click here.

Call For Abstracts- AGAINST-20- A full day ICRA 2020 Workshop

RAS - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 16:33


Call For Abstracts- AGAINST-20

AGAINST robot dystopias: thinking through the ethical, legal and societal issues of robotics and automation (AGAINST-20)

A full-day ICRA 2020 workshop- 31 May 2020 or 4 June 2020

Paris, France


Submission deadline: 23 March 2020


Intelligent robots come with promises of great value to society but can also be seen as threats in terms of job loss, increased social inequalities, transparency and privacy, age/race/gender bias in training or design, autonomous warfare, excessive delegation of decision-making, etc. This workshop aims to put forth a diversity of viewpoints from experts not only in robotics and AI but also disciplines that are close to the real-world use of robots: social science, law, economics, and philosophy. Together we want to explore possible outcomes of increased uptake of intelligent robots, and contribute to ethical frameworks and good practices. The workshop builds on its previous edition AGAINST-19 at ICRA 2019, which focused on bias and discrimination. This edition will further extend its scope to other topics of ethics and responsible innovation in robotics, while at the same time keeping its focus on spreading awareness and a critical mindset in our robotics community regarding ethical issues of the technologies we design.

The workshop will provide a venue for both theoretical and technical discussions which interleave philosophy/economics/social-science talks with technical talks.

Important Dates

- Paper submission deadline: 23 March 2020

- Author notification: 19 April 2020

- Camera-ready submission: 4 May 2020

- 31 May or 4 June 2020

This workshop is sponsored by The IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Human Robot Interaction & Coordination

The IEEE Transactions on Robotics invites submissions to a Special Issue on Wearable Robotics

RAS - Thu, 01/16/2020 - 14:44

Recommended letter of intent: 28 February 2020

Submission deadline: 30 April 2020

This focused section aims at presenting the latest research advances and the future trends in the development of human-centered based approaches for controlling wearable robots for motion assistance and rehabilitation. While initially conceived for human motion augmentation purposes, wearable powered robots have been gradually proposed as technological aids for rehabilitation and assistance, and functional substitution in patients suffering from motor disorders. Over the last decades and despite the significant technological and scientific achievements in the field of wearable technologies, we have not yet witnessed successful projects pointing out subject-centered robotic suits, which are easy to wear and intuitive enough to cooperate with. Providing such pragmatic solutions or reducing the wearer dependency on external operator would have a great societal impact by improving the quality of life and regaining people Independence. In addition, technological advances and the emergence of wearable and ubiquitous technologies with considerable reduction in size, cost and energy consumption, are becoming privileged solutions to provide autonomous assistive services to humans. This challenging technology is expected to work closely, interact and collaborate with people in an intelligent environment. Thus, communicating the human body with the wearable robotic system requires robust and suitable interfacing solutions.

This special issue aims to gather researchers from different backgrounds to highlight the state of the art, the current and future trends of this highly interdisciplinary field. The accepted papers will provide discussions about the challenges and limiting factors for developing sustainable wearable robots for assistance and rehabilitation of human movements. The special issue aims at publishing original, significant and visionary papers describing the growing challenges of using novel human-robot multimodal interaction paradigms as these should consider both biomechanical and physiological features to allow for efficient and intuitive cooperative behavior. The special issue is also about understanding the recent trends to promote: energy harvesting, complete wearability, portability and reliability of the device, as well as user's safety. Challenges to be covered include efficient coupling and optimized transmission of power from the wearable device to the human body, and optimization of control algorithms for reduction and compensation of interface losses, among others. Submissions of scientific results from experts in academia and industry worldwide will be strongly encouraged.

Topics of interest include:

* Design of kinematically compatible wearable robots

* Advanced impedance-based control for wearable robots

* Human-in-the-loop-optimization algorithms for control of wearable robots

* Adaptive control for smooth physical human-robot interaction

* Torque control approaches for advanced neural interfaces with wearable exoskeletons

* Modular and decentralized exoskeleton design

* Design, control, and characterization approaches for soft wearable robots

* Innovative transmissions for wearable collaborative machines

* Design and test of powered exosuits

* Machine learning techniques for a smooth control of wearable robots

Paper submission and selection:

Interested authors are encouraged to submit no more than TWO IEEE pages A4 extended abstract to the guest editors (trowearablerobots@gmail.com) by 28 February  2020. Full Papers should be submitted by 30 April 2020. All submitted full papers will be rigorously reviewed and the selection of papers will be based on their originality, timeliness, significance and relevance to the scope of the special issue. Submitted papers should not be under consideration for publication anywhere else. More information on submitting can be found at https://www.ieee-ras.org/publications/t-ro/information-for-authors

The highest priority is quality, commensurate with the usual IEEE Transactions on Robotics standards.

For any request, please contact Juan C. Moreno (jc.moreno@csic.es) and Samer Mohammed (samer.mohammed@u-pec.fr).

More information: https://www.ieee-ras.org/publications/t-ro/special-issues

Atlante 2019, seicento progetti e 4 prof vincitori: la speranza arriva dalle scuole

Università repubblica.it - Tue, 01/14/2020 - 10:14

Premiati all'auditorium della Conciliazione di Roma pieno di migliaia di studenti della simulazione Onu-Imun. Il messaggio del presidente Mattarella. L'iniziativa di Repubblica@Scuola e United Network alla seconda edizione, gemellata con il Global Teacher Prize. E con quasi 1500...

La denuncia degli studenti: in una classe su tre fa freddo

Università repubblica.it - Mon, 01/13/2020 - 17:55

Sondaggio di Skuola.net su 10 mila alunni. In quasi 9 casi su 10 i caloriferi non funzionano come dovrebbero. Situazione più critica al al Sud. C'è chi porta stufe e coperte

L'Università di Pescara non cambia giudizio sul concorso, il Tar si rivolge alla Procura

Università repubblica.it - Sun, 01/12/2020 - 10:17

Si alza il livello di scontro tra giudici amministrativi e atenei che non eseguono le sentenze. "Commissione sbilanciata e giudizi illogici, se ne occupi il tribunale"

Scuola, dai concorsi alla Maturità: i dieci punti della neo ministra

Università repubblica.it - Sat, 01/11/2020 - 15:15

Lucia Azzolina dopo il giuramento ha pubblicato le priorità che la impegneranno nel suo lavoro: "La scuola italiana funziona. Va migliorata, ma non stravolta". I sindacati: "Ci convochi con urgenza"

Allarme scuola, in Italia 600 mila giovani non finiscono gli studi

Università repubblica.it - Sat, 01/11/2020 - 11:29

I dati sull'abbandono scolastico tra i 18 e i 24 anni, relativi al 2018, elaborati dalla Cgia di Mestre. Più maschi che femmine e più al sud che al nord. E i cervelli in fuga all'estero sono 62 mila all'anno

Emergenza insegnanti di sostegno: uno su due è precario

Università repubblica.it - Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:39

Interessa il 49% dei docenti (al Nord fino al 62%) dedicati agli studenti più fragili, rispetto al 29% del 2015-16. Ad aggravare la carenza cronica di specializzati, l'esodo verso Sud di migliaia di supplenti annuali

Governo, il ministro Fioramonti si dimette con una lettera a Conte: pochi fondi per l'istruzione

Università repubblica.it - Fri, 01/10/2020 - 11:34

Le dimissioni confermate in tarda serata da Palazzo Chigi. L'esponente 5Stelle, secondo alcune indiscrezioni, andrebbe a costituire un gruppo autonomo alla Camera a sostegno del premier Conte. In pole position Morra

I bilanci attivi degli atenei eccellenti del Nord: investimenti autonomi per precari e studenti

Università repubblica.it - Thu, 01/09/2020 - 18:04

Padova inaugura asili nido e Venezia un hub tecnologico per incontrare le aziende, Bologna finanzia tredici corsi di laurea e la Bicocca di Milano progetta un nuovo edificio. Con i conti in attivo le accademie settentrionali provano a superare la parsimonia di Stato verso l’alta...

Studenti e ricercatori in rivolta: "Serve un miliardo e mezzo per l'università"

Università repubblica.it - Thu, 01/09/2020 - 17:01

Dopo le dimissioni di Fioramonti rimane l'emergenza fondi per assumere i cervelli precari e per il diritto allo studio. Flash mob, assemblee e presidi in oltre dieci atenei

Boom di iscrizioni on line: più 48% il primo giorno

Università repubblica.it - Tue, 01/07/2020 - 22:24

Sono 95.614 le domande di immatricolazione a  scuola inserite e inviate attraverso il portale Iscrizioni online del Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca. C'è tempo fino al 31 gennaio

A scuola a lezione di sonno, perché dormire bene 'salva' la salute

Università repubblica.it - Tue, 01/07/2020 - 16:59

Bambini e adolescenti dormono poco e male perché trascorrono molte ore connessi a Play Station e dispositivi elettronici che inducono insonnia. Nasce “Sonno o son desto”, un concorso per spiegare l'importanza del riposo

Iscrizioni a scuola, liceo o istituto tecnico? Un 13enne su due è ancora indeciso

Università repubblica.it - Tue, 01/07/2020 - 16:10

Il sondaggio di Skuola.net su tremila studenti di terza media. Chi ha già scelto propende per indirizzi liceali. La famiglia prevale nella decisione. Tra gli strumenti per l'orientamento è conosciuto il portale Eduscopio. La ministra designata Azzolina: "Non esistono scuole di...

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