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Robots that admit mistakes foster better conversation in humans

Science Daily - Robotics - Mon, 03/09/2020 - 20:20
A new study showed that the humans on teams that included a robot expressing vulnerability communicated more with each other and later reported having a more positive group experience than people teamed with silent robots or with robots that made neutral statements, like reciting the game's score.

A flexible brain for AI

Science Daily - Robotics - Mon, 03/09/2020 - 14:30
Scientists have developed a customizable computing device using nanofabricated switches than can be rewired to optimize AI applications using 80% less power. These devices can be used as flexible computing platform for artificial intelligence tasks.

Showing robots how to do your chores

Science Daily - Robotics - Sat, 03/07/2020 - 00:33
By observing humans, robots learn to perform complex tasks, such as setting a table.

Neural hardware for image recognition in nanoseconds

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 03/05/2020 - 19:21
Usually, artificial intelligence is based on software. Scientists created intelligent hardware, which is much faster. Within nanoseconds, the chip can analyze images and provide the correct output.

Drones can now scan terrain and excavations without human intervention

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 03/05/2020 - 19:20
Drones can now scan terrain and excavations without human intervention. New research has allowed artificial intelligence to take over the human-controlled drones currently being used for the task. The algorithm also predicts and counteracts the wind forces acting on the drone body.

Robots on the march to walking like humans

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 03/05/2020 - 06:28
A psychological theory could kickstart improvements in the way robots are able to walk, thanks to a new study.

Robot uses artificial intelligence and imaging to draw blood

Science Daily - Robotics - Wed, 03/04/2020 - 20:15
Engineers have created a tabletop device that combines a robot, artificial intelligence and near-infrared and ultrasound imaging to draw blood or insert catheters to deliver fluids and drugs. Their research results suggest that autonomous systems like the image-guided robotic device could outperform people on some complex medical tasks.

New type of indoor solar cells for smart connected devices

Science Daily - Robotics - Wed, 03/04/2020 - 20:14
In a future where most things in our everyday life are connected through the internet, devices and sensors will need to run without wires or batteries. Researchers present a new type of dye-sensitized solar cells that harvest light from indoor lamps.

Artificial intelligence could enhance diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders

Science Daily - Robotics - Mon, 03/02/2020 - 17:34
Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve efficiencies and precision in sleep medicine, resulting in more patient-centered care and better outcomes, according to a new position statement.

Artificial intelligence can scan doctors' notes to distinguish between types of back pain

Science Daily - Robotics - Fri, 02/28/2020 - 16:22
Researchers have designed an artificial intelligence model that can determine whether lower back pain is acute or chronic by scouring doctors' notes within electronic medical records, an approach that can help to treat patients more accurately, according to a new study.

Octopus-inspired robot can grip, move, and manipulate a wide range of objects

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 02/27/2020 - 20:42
Researchers have developed an octopus-inspired soft robotic arm that can grip, move, and manipulate a wide range of objects. Its flexible, tapered design, complete with suction cups, gives the gripper a firm grasp on objects of all shapes, sizes and textures -- from eggs to iPhones to large exercise balls.

Robotic finger with a highly precise sense of touch over a complex, multicurved surface

Science Daily - Robotics - Wed, 02/26/2020 - 13:21
Researchers have introduced a new type of robotic finger with a sense of touch. Their finger can localize touch with very high precision --<1mm-- over a large, multicurved surface, much like its human counterpart.

Swarming robots avoid collisions, traffic jams

Science Daily - Robotics - Mon, 02/24/2020 - 21:27
Researchers have developed the first decentralized algorithm with a collision-free, deadlock-free guarantee and validated it on a swarm of 100 autonomous robots in the lab.

Soft robot fingers gently grasp deep-sea jellyfish

Science Daily - Robotics - Mon, 02/24/2020 - 17:13
Marine biologists have adopted ''soft robotic linguine fingers'' as tools to conduct their undersea research. Scientists found that jellyfish held by ultra-soft robotic fingers expressed significantly fewer stress-related genes than when braced by traditional submersible grippers. Shaped like the famous noodles, this new robotic technology allows for the collection of ecological data in a gentler, less invasive manner.

Surgeons successfully treat brain aneurysms using a robot

Science Daily - Robotics - Fri, 02/21/2020 - 22:07
A robot was used to treat brain aneurysms for the first time. The robotic system could eventually allow remote surgery, enabling surgeons to treat strokes from afar.

New artificial intelligence algorithm better predicts corn yield

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 02/20/2020 - 19:05
With some reports predicting the precision agriculture market will reach $12.9 billion by 2027, there is an increasing need to develop sophisticated data-analysis solutions that can guide management decisions in real time. A new study offers a promising approach to efficiently and accurately process precision agricultural data.

'Flapping wings' powered by the sun

Science Daily - Robotics - Wed, 02/19/2020 - 17:37
In ancient Greek mythology, Icarus' wax wings melted when he dared to fly too close to the sun. Now, researchers have made artificial wings that are actually powered by the sun. The tiny wings, which can flap even faster than those of butterflies, could someday be used in robots or devices for solar energy harvesting, the researchers say.

Getting a grip: An innovative mechanical controller design for robot-assisted surgery

Science Daily - Robotics - Tue, 02/18/2020 - 18:43
Scientists designed a new type of controller for the robotic arm used in robotic surgery. Their controller combines the two distinct types of gripping used in commercially available robotic systems to leverage the advantages of both, reducing the efforts of the surgeon and providing good precision.

Artificial intelligence finds disease-related genes

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 02/13/2020 - 19:26
An artificial neural network can reveal patterns in huge amounts of gene expression data, and discover groups of disease-related genes. Scientists hope that the new method can eventually be applied within precision medicine and individualized treatment.

Computer-based weather forecast: New algorithm outperforms mainframe computer systems

Science Daily - Robotics - Thu, 02/13/2020 - 18:42
The exponential growth in computer processing power seen over the past 60 years may soon come to a halt. Complex systems such as those used in weather forecast, for example, require high computing capacities, but the costs for running supercomputers to process large quantities of data can become a limiting factor. Researchers have recently unveiled an algorithm that can solve complex problems with remarkable facility -- even on a personal computer.
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