february 2013

Cari colleghi,

vi inoltro la newsletter della I-RAS.

Cordiali saluti,




1. Vice-chair di I-RAS
2. euRobotics, the European Robotics Coordination Action
3. 2013 CISM Course: Differential-Geometric Methods in Computational Multibody System Dynamics
4. 18th IEEE Int. Conf. on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation
5. Postdoc position at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
6. Two One Post-Doc positions at the University of Pisa, Italy Research Center "E. Piaggio"
7. Quattro bandi per assegni di ricerca presso CNR-ISSIA Sezione di Genova
8. "RoboBusiness Europe" Europe's premier B2B robotics event  Genoa, 11-12 April 2013
9. Call for Paper "Robotics in Emergency and Crisis Management"


1. Vice-chair di I-RAS

Cari colleghi,

seguendo le indicazioni della IEEE sezione Italia e' opportuno dotare il Chapter della figura di vice-chair. Vi chiedo quindi di inviarmi una mail privata per eventuali candidature.

I chapter potrebbero anche dotarsi della figura di un tesoriere, il nostro flusso di cassa non rende necessaria questa figura, gestiamo le nostre spese appoggiandoci al conto della sezione.



2. euRobotics, the European Robotics Coordination Action

cari colleghi,

come saprete, è stata di recente istituita l'Associazione Europea EUROBOTICS AISBL (http://www.eurobotics-project.eu/eurobotics-aisbl/about-eurobotics-aisbl...) risultante dall'Unione delle preesistenti iniziative europee EURON e EUROP.

Tale nuova associazione si caratterizza dall'aver recentemente stipulato con la EU un Memorandum of Understanding, avente per oggetto la delega assegnata a EUROBOTICS AISBL di definire e guidare lo sviluppo della Robotica Europea nell'ambito del prossimo programma Europeo Horizon 2020 (http://www.eurobotics-project.eu/about-eurobotics/main-actions/main-acti...) attraverso il lancio di una PPP (Public-Private Partnership) in Robotica.

La comunita' robotica nazionale, rappresentata in parte dai riceventi di questa newsletter, tenuto conto della sua qualita' e numerosita', potrebbe essere nella posizione di poter contribuire alla miglior definizione delle scelte di sviluppo Europeo che verranno stabilite dall'associazione.

In tal senso potrebbe essere funzionale una presenza consistente in ambito EUROBOTICS AISBL. Appare quindi come condizione necessaria il dialogo fra le istituzioni nazionali e la loro iscrizione alla stessa associazione (http://www.eurobotics-project.eu/robotics-ppp/membership/membership.html).

La prossima assemblea e' imminente. Si terrà a Lione nei giorni 19-21 marzo p.v. in concomitanza con l'associato Forum Europeo sulla Robotica (http://www.eurobotics2013.com/).


3. 2013 CISM Course: Differential-Geometric Methods in Computational Multibody System Dynamics

Advanced course "Differential-Geometric Methods in Computational Multibody System Dynamics"

Location: CISM - International Centre for Mechanical Sciences, Udine, Italy - www.cism.it

Dates: September 16 to 20, 2013.


Course Overview:

The aim of the School is to deliver a panoramic overview of the mathematical concepts underlying modern geometric approaches to modeling, time integration, and control of multibody systems (MBS). The lectures provide a hands-on introduction to differential-geometric foundations, and the audience will make acquaintance with these topics in a natural and application-driven way. A central topic of the school are efficient formulations using Lie group concepts and screw theory giving rise to numerically efficient and stable algorithms for MBS comprising rigid and flexible members. Special focus is given to energy and structure preserving numerical integration methods on manifolds for discrete and continuous systems. Natural coupling between mathematical modeling, numerical integration and control issues are covered by the lectures on variational integrators and optimal control with structured integration.
A treatment of many numerical case-studies in the domain of robotics, wind energy systems, rotorcraft dynamics, aeronautical and mechatronic systems will highlight relevance and computational advantages of the geometric approach in the modern computational mechanics. The unifying lecturing approach that combines computational procedures, control algorithms and design aspects, providing new insights into the coupled modeling procedures, makes this School unique.

Course Content:
- Introduction to mathematical concepts and differential-geometric modeling (manifolds, Lie-groups, Lie-algebras, exponential maps, screw theory etc.)
- Modeling of complex MBS using compact Lie group formalisms
- Time integration on Lie-groups
- Geometrically exact formulations for beams and shells
- Energy-consistent time integration procedures for MBS with flexible components
- Numerical treatment of holonomic and non-holonomic constraints, constraint stabilization
- Variational integrators, discrete mechanics and optimal control using structure-preserving integration schemes applied to high degree-of-freedom systems
- Lie-group/screw theoretic framework for design of MBS and articulated mechanisms
- Multiphysics coupling procedures: aero-servo-elastic multidisciplinary models and applications.

- Carlo Bottasso, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
- Olivier Brüls, Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Liège, Belgium
- Xilun Ding, Robotics Institute, Beijing University of Aero. & Astro, China
- Andreas Müller, Inst. of Mechatronics at the Tech. Univ. Chemnitz, Germany
- Todd Murphey, Northwestern University, Mechanical Engineering, USA
- Zdravko Terze, University of Zagreb, F. Mech. Eng. and Naval Arch., Croatia

We would be grateful if you could forward this announcement to your colleagues.

Best regards,

Andreas Müller, Zdravko Terze
- Course Coordinators -


4. 18th IEEE Int. Conf. on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation

Cagliari, Italy
10-13 September 2013

***** Submission Deadline: March 15, 2013 *****

Web site: http://etfa2013.org

Aim: The aim of the ETFA conference series is to provide researchers and practitioners
from industry and academia with a platform to report on recent developments in the
newly emerging areas of technology and their potential applications to
factory automation.


5. Postdoc position at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Job: Postdoc position at the University of Modena and Reggio
Emilia, Italy Duration: 1 years, renewable (by mutual consent) up
to 3 years Topics: Mobile robotics, Vision System

Language requirement: English

The Automation, Robotics and System Control (ARSControl)
Laboratory at the University of Modena and Reggio
Emilia ( http://www.arscontrol.org ) is seeking applicants for a
postdoctoral position. The bulk of the research to be carried out
will be in the context of the EU FP7 project PAN-ROBOTS
( http://cordis.europa.eu/search/index.cfm?fuseaction=proj.document&PJ_LAN... ),
and is concerned with studying mobile robotic localization and
mapping using laser scanners integrated with vision system.

Candidates must have a strong research record and a solid
background in Vision system with application to robotics. The
task will be:

 Object recognition and classification, map building
and data fusion, in the context of mobile robots moving in
industrial environments.

Experience with vision system, robotics, and control system is highly

How to apply

Please send your CV and letters of recommendation to
Cesare Fantuzzi (cesare.fantuzzi@unimore.it), and to
Lorenzo Sabattini (lorenzo.sabattini@unimore.it).
If  you have  any  questions related  to the  position, please
don't hesitate to contact prof. Fantuzzi by e-mail.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone interested in an
academic career and in professional growth.  By working in this
project, you will be exposed to robotics applications related to
top level industrial applications, with particular focus on
automated logistics, which is a fast growing area of interest in industry.
Postdoc salaries are competitive, and Reggio Emilia is quite small city,
very comfortable to live in.

Knowledge of Italian is useful, but not necessary.


6. Two One Post-Doc positions at the University of Pisa, Italy Research Center "E. Piaggio"

University of Pisa, Italy
Research Center "E. Piaggio"

One Post-Doc position working and coordinating the research on the following topics:

-  Active Haptic Information Gathering under Uncertainty (Learning the Haptic Characteristics of Objects by in Hand Exploration)

- Grasping under Uncertainty (Grasping Hand Synthesis, Reach to Grasp Planning in a Cluttered Environment, Reactive Strategies for on-line Grasp Quality Optimization)

These activities cover some tasks within the
FP7-funded project PacMan ”Probabilistic and Compositional
Representations of Objects for Robotic Manipulation”. PacMan will
develop technologies to allow robots to generalize manipulation skills
to novel objects, and to cope with the uncertainty inherent in sensor
driven manipulation. This will be achieved by employing hierarchical,
compositional representations of objects (e.g. part based
representations of shape) that incorporate both visual and haptic

The appointee will work on the following topics:

1. Grasping Under Uncertainty (autonomous selection and execution of feed-forward pre-shaping hand-arm primitives within the soft-synergy paradigm, incipient grasp quality evaluation and local contact point refinement, grasp quality force optimization, grasp planning under uncertainty as a belief space planning problem)

2. Learning the Haptic Characteristics of Objects by in Hand Exploration (definition of control strategies for concurrent stable object grasping and object surface tracing / object surface rolling, frictional coefficient estimation, testing in simulation and on a real platform (KUKA LWR4+ and DLR-HIT Hand))

The candidate for the above topics should have a strong background in: grasping and manipulation modeling (including fingertip rolling and sliding), differential geometry and CAD surface representation, nonlinear control theory, optimal control, machine learning, strong coding and hardware/software integration skills

References: (http://www.centropiaggio.unipi.it/publications)

Research Fellow: Salary around 30,000 Euros a year.
Appointment will be made at the
appropriate salary grade based on qualifications, skills and experience.


PacMan involves the following groups:

University of Pisa (www.centropiaggio.unipi.it)
University of Birmingham (www.cs.bham.ac.uk/go/irlab)
University of Innsbruck (iis.uibk.ac.at)

Application (CV + letters of recommendation) should be made to Local Unit Coordinator Dr Marco Gabiccini (m.gabiccini@ing.unipi.it) and to the principal research supervisor
Prof. Antonio Bicchi (bicchi@centropiaggio.unipi.it). Please always copy Ms. Maley in email: (laura.maley@centropiaggio.unipi.it)

Please mark your email
“PacMan Postdoc Application”

Marco Gabiccini, PhD
Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics and Robotics
Dept. of Mechanical, Nuclear and Production Engineering
University of Pisa
Via Diotisalvi 2, 56122 Pisa PI
Phone: +39-050-221.80.77
Fax: +39-050-221.80.65
Homepage: http://www.dimnp.unipi.it/gabiccini-m/


7. Quattro bandi per assegni di ricerca presso CNR-ISSIA Sezione di Genova

vi volevo segnalare l'opportunità di partecipare a quattro bandi
per assegni di ricerca presso il CNR-ISSIA (Consiglio Nazionale delle
Ricerche - Istituto di Studi sui Sistemi Intelligenti per l'Automazione)
- Sezione di Genova.
Il CNR-ISSIA è un istituto di ricerca leader in ambito europeo nel campo
della robotica marina, con quasi venti anni di esperienza nello sviluppo
e nell'impiego di veicoli marini senza equipaggio, come ad esempio i ROV
(Remotely Operated Vehicles) Roby e Romeo, gli USV (Unmanned Surface
Vehicles) Charlie, ALANIS, SWAP II e CART.
Il gruppo di robotica marina del CNR-ISSIA Sezione di Genova, che è al
momento partner di due progetti europei FP7 in corso d'opera, ha anche
una consolidata esperienza nel trasferimento tecnologico a partner
industriali ed in particolare a PMI (Piccole Medie Imprese) operanti
nell'ambito dell'automazione industriale e della robotica. I ricercatori
del gruppo sono autori di più di 30 articoli su riviste internazionali
con peer review e più di 100 articoli a conferenze internazionali.
Gli assegni di ricerca di cui vi sto segnalando i bandi prevedono lo
svolgimento di attività di ricerca sia teoriche sia sperimentali da
compiere presso l'Istituto di Studi sui Sistemi Intelligenti per
l'Automazione UoS Genova del CNR.
Le tematiche degli assegni sono le seguenti:
Bando ISSIA-GE 2013-001 - Studio di un sistema anticollisione
specializzato per piattaforme avioniche civili;
Bando ISSIA-GE 2013-002 - Studio di metodologie per la modellazione,
l'identificazione ed il controllo di hovercraft;
Bando ISSIA-GE 2013-003 - Studio di sistemi di manipolazione avanzata a
dinamica incerta in ambiente non/poco strutturato;
Bando ISSIA-GE 2013-004 - Standardizzazione dell'architettura di
monitoraggio e controllo del sistema automazione nave in accordo ai
requisiti SRP e SMS.
Per partecipare ai bandi è richiesta una delle seguenti lauree:
ingegneria, informatica, fisica, matematica o equipollenti. La durata di
ogni singolo assegno è di 12 mesi, la data di inizio dell'attività è
prevista per il 2 Maggio 2013. L'importo di ogni assegno di ricerca,
corrisposto in rate mensili posticipate, è di 19367,00 Euro all'anno al
netto degli oneri a carico del CNR. Le domande di partecipazione ai
bandi vanno presentate entro il 29 Marzo 2013. I quattro bandi sono
disponibili ai seguenti URLs:





Vi chiederei per cortesia di inoltrare questo messaggio a persone
potenzialmente interessate e di divulgarlo presso tutti i circuiti
informativi a cui avete accesso.

Cordiali saluti,
Gabriele Bruzzone


8. "RoboBusiness Europe" Europe's premier B2B robotics event  Genoa, 11-12 April 2013

RoboBusiness Europe is designed to help robotics companies connect with potential clients and venture capitalists

The first edition of RoboBusiness Europe will be held at the Porto Antico Conference Centre in Genoa on 11 and 12 April.
RoboBusiness Europe will open with a keynote from  presenting  insights into the trends driving the global commercial robotics sector and share some of the key tactics required to build a successful robotics company. Throughout April 11 & 12, specialist sessions will cover topics as diverse as business development and venture capital financing; medical and industrial robotics; and safety, security, emergency response and rescue robots.
Numerous leading international experts will attend RoboBusiness Europe, including representatives from: International Federation of Robotics (IFR), European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA), UCIMU (Italian Machine Tool, Robots, Automation Systems and Ancillary Products Manufacturers' Association), the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT),the Associazione Italiana di Robotica e Automazione (SIRI) and Scuola Superiore S. Anna Pisa.
The European Commission's DG CONNECT Robotics Unit has also confirmed its participation in this historic, first-time event.

RoboBusiness Europe features ROBOMATCH - the unique European matchmaking event of the Robotics Industry, organized by Unioncamere Liguria/ALPS Liguria – in collaboration with Turin CCI and Innovhub.
ROBOMATCH is addressed to Companies, Research Centers and Universities interested in bilateral meetings for technological and commercial purposes and in finding out new potential cooperation partners in the European robotics industry.
It will offer the opportunity to:
•    promote own technology and expertise to a range of national and international companies/research centres and organisations
•    enlarge own business by developing new partnerships
•    identify opportunities to raise capital and build investment strategies

RoboBusiness Europe will adopt the American format of “Conference & Expo”: a succession of round tables, meetings, talks, networking, and sharing of international experiences and case histories aimed at business development.
The target audience is split into four categories:

•    Researchers: universities and technical centres of excellence engaged in concrete solutions such as patents and spin-offs; 
•    Companies: producing a wide range of robotic solutions;
•    End-users: businesses, services and end-users from hospitals to manufacturers;
•    Finance: venture capitalists, banks, investment funds.

By ordering now, you save € 300 off the regular € 600 registration fee!
Use code: AIEE268

Information on RoboBusiness Europe: www.robobusiness.eu


9. Call for Paper "Robotics in Emergency and Crisis Management"


Segnalo questo evento organizzato dalla TIEMS ( THE INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SOCIETY) per il prossimo  ottobre a Marsiglia sull'uso di robot terrestri in attività di supporto ad operazioni di rescue e in contesti di emergenze.



Roberto Setola

Prof. Roberto Setola
Director Master in Homeland Security
Director Complex System & Security Lab
Università CAMPUS Bio-Medico di Roma
via A. del Portillo, 21
I-00128, Rome