april 2014

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x. 7 million Euro Robotics Challenge Has Launched
x. RoboBusiness Europe 2014
x. Post-Doc Position in Wearable Haptics (University of Pisa)
x. Summer School "Screw-Theory Based Methods in Robotics 2014"


x. 7 million Euro Robotics Challenge Has Launched

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I wish to bring up to your attention the unique opportunity offered by our EuRoC project. The Calls for Challengers and for End Users/Technology Developers/System Integrators are now open.

Please read
and, if you are interested, sign up for our Info Day in Stuttgart on May 5.

It goes without saying, I am available for all details about applying and getting involved in our challenge project. Please feel free to email, skype or ring me up, and share this news with your pals.

Best regards,

Bruno Siciliano


x. RoboBusiness Europe 2014

RoboBusiness Europe is a new European event, now in its second edition after the success of the 2013 edition which was held in Genoa, Italy.
This year RoboBusiness Europe (www.robobusiness.eu), will be held in Billund, Denmark at Legoland Hotel & Conference Center on May 26-28 2014.
RoboBusiness Europe is directed specifically at the EU robotics marketplace and the Euro research ecosystem, providing conferences, exhibition, matchmaking.

With a mixture of 3-400 end-users, business professionals, investors, high-tech robotic companies, entrepreneurs, academics, consultants, experts RoboBusiness Europe guarantees an outstanding high-value event.

Hot topics this year: Healthcare & Well-being, Automotive, Energy, Agriculture, Industrial, Education (STEM), Play & Learning, Drones for Civilian Applications, Big Science Installations .

The RoboBusiness Europe conference program will offer an unprecedented opportunity to get end-user perspective, the exposition floor will feature the latest robotics technologies and the ROBOMATCH matchmaking event will address the needs for organized bilateral meetings.
Moreover, you'll get a chance to see a drone based air show and an inside tour of the LEGO's factory.

At Robobusiness Europe the "ROBOITALY" specific initiative aims to facilitate a coordinated presence ot the Italian robotics ecosystem.

ROBOITALY offers, among its various activities, participation discounted packages (full pass for € 300 instead of 600).

To take advantage of the special offer for the members of the IEEE I-RAS, use the following code in the registration page: RBEITA2014.

For any further information please contact the Organizing Secretariat: tel segreteria@innovability.it. 02 8715 6782 www.robobusiness.eu


x. Post-Doc Position in Wearable Haptics (University of Pisa)

Dear collegues,

there is a Post-Doc position available at the Research Center ''E. Piaggio'' of the University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy), related to the modeling, design and development of wearable haptic devices. Selected candidate will work on the modeling, design, development and correct/optimal exploitation of the information from systems for kinematic/force tracking of human/robotic hand; wearable systems for haptic interaction or tele-operation, with information about softness and/or texture. Part of the work will be also devoted to the numerical model of contact of human finger with different external stimuli for haptic exploration.

The deadline for application is May 9th.

All details are available at:


To ensure a successful download, copy and paste the entire text of the link into your browser.

For further details, please contact:

Dr. Matteo Bianchi (matteo.bianchi@centropiaggio.unipi.it)
Prof. Enzo P. Scilingo (e.scilingo@centropiaggio.unipi.it)
Prof. Antonio Bicchi (bicchi@centropiaggio.unipi.it)

Best Regards,
Lucia Pallottino


x. Summer School "Screw-Theory Based Methods in Robotics 2014"

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite participants to:

The Fifth International Summer School on Screw-Theory Based Methods in Robotics

3 -- 11 September 2014

University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy


For its fifth edition, our summer school on screw theory comes to the world's oldest university.
The enthusiastic feedback from each of the first four very successful Summer Screws events (in Genoa, Italy, in Shanghai, China, again in Genoa, and in Florianopolis, Brazil) proves that this initiative continues to provide a service that the robotics community values.
This year, with the support of our sponsors, we will again be able to offer financial support to some participants.

Summer Screws 2014 will gather six experts in the robotics applications of screw theory and up to 40 participants at the University of Bologna from 3 to 11 September.
The School will teach attendees how to apply existing methods and empower them to develop new ones in their own research.
The basic theoretical notions will be introduced in a rigorous manner, with emphasis on examples, applications, and exercises.

The main topics will be:

1. Basic vector-space properties of twists and wrenches: physical interpretation of the linear operations; linear dependence and independence, subspaces; bases and coordinates. (Lecturer: Dimiter Zlatanov)

2. Scalar products, dual spaces, reciprocity. Constraint and freedom in mechanisms. Constraint analysis, type synthesis of single-loop mechanisms, type synthesis of parallel manipulators. (Lecturer: Xianwen Kong)

3. Velocity and singularity analysis of parallel and interconnected-chain mechanisms. Derivation of input-output velocity equations and singularity conditions. (Lecturers: Matteo Zoppi and Dimiter Zlatanov)

4. Mappings between screw spaces, stiffness and inertia. Structure of robot compliance. Eigenvalue problems and eigenscrews. Synthesis with springs. (Lecturer: Harvey Lipkin)

5. 6D formulation of the dynamics of individual rigid bodies and rigid-body systems. Equations of motion. Dynamics algorithms. (Lecturer: Roy Featherstone)

6. Basic Lie-group theory, matrix representations of the group of rigid-body displacements. Lie algebras as related to screw theory. The exponential map and its applications in modern robotics. (Lecturer: Jon Selig)

Marco Carricato will be this year's invited lecturer, with a talk about persistent screw systems.

Up to 40 registrations are available at the price of 300 Euro, no later than 31 June, 2014.
Scholarship applications will be accepted until 1 June, 2014.
For details, see the registration page, http://summerscrews2014.ing.unibo.it/registration.html, of the University of Bologna's Summer Screws site,

Summer Screws 2014 is organized by the Group of Robotics and Articular Biomechanics (GRAB), at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Bologna, Italy, and the Laboratory of Design and Measurement for Automation and Robotics (PMAR), at the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Industrial, and Transport Engineering of the University of Genoa, Italy.
It is endorsed by IFToMM, the Robotics and Automation Society of the IEEE, the Italian Robotics and Automation Association (SIRI), the Bologna Society of Engineers, and the City of Bologna.
We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of IMA Industries, the Department of Industrial Engineering and the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna, as well as of the IFToMM Young Delegates Program.

For more information visit the School's web pages:


Sincerely yours,

Dimiter Zlatanov, Marco Carricato, Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli
Matteo Zoppi, and Rezia Molfino