february 2017

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1. Researcher position in Soft Robotics Technologies for Collaborative and Assistive Robots- @IIT (Antonio Bicchi)

2. Emergency Robots Competitions – Call for participants (Gianluca Antonellli)

3. ICRA 2017 Workshop on Industry of the Future: Announcement and Call for Contributions
(Paolo Dario)

4. Post-doc position on ``Wearable Haptics and Grasping Devices Enhancing Robotic Synergy-Based Prosthesis'' - @IIT (Domenico Prattichizzo)

5. Three PhD positions in the area of physical human-robot interaction (HRI) @IIT (Arash Ajoudani)

6. Post-doc position in mobile robotics and multi-robot coordination @UNIMORE (Lorenzo Sabattini)

1. Researcher position in Soft Robotics Technologies for Collaborative and Assistive Robots

We are looking for an outstanding, highly motivated Researcher to work with our newly launched SoftRob Lab at IIT (Soft Robotics for Human Cooperation and Rehabilitation Research Group, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genoa, Italy), in the field of advanced soft robotics principles, technologies and their mechatronics development for application in both collaborative and assistive robotic scenarios.

Desired qualifications include: a PhD Degree; substantial and relevant post-doctoral experience; excellent record of accomplishments (publications, patents, projects) in robotics. We seek strong and highly visible research profiles in one or more of the following research areas: Humanoid Robotics, Robots Actuation, Artificial hands and upper limbs design for robotic and prosthetic applications

The salary will depend on qualifications and experience and will include health benefits.

Expires: 15 March 2017

Full details available at


Antonio Bicchi

2. Emergency Robots Competitions

The European Robotics League announces dates for new Emergency Robots competition

The European Robotics League (ERL) is glad to announce the dates for the major tournament of the ERL Emergency Robots competition. The ERL Emergency 2017 challenge will be held in Piombino, Italy, from 15-23 September 2017.

ERL Emergency Robots is a civilian, outdoor robotics competition, with a focus on realistic, multi-domain emergency response scenarios. Inspired by the 2011 Fukushima accident, the ERL Emergency challenge can only be met when land, marine and flying robots work cooperatively. The competition itself sees International teams of various disciplines and organisations surveying the scene, collecting data, searching for missing workers and identifying critical hazards, all in a race against the clock.

This competition builds upon the success of euRathlon 2015 Grand Challenge (http://www.eurathlon.eu/), the first world’s robotics multi-domain competition that took place in Piombino, Italy in September 2015; and aims to push the state of the art in heterogeneous cooperative autonomous systems for emergency response. The challenge is open to universities, companies and industry interested in applying the results of robotics research and development to real world challenges.

The call for participation is now open (https://eu-robotics.net/robotics_league/erl-emergency/about/index.html).

ERL Emergency Robots 2017 is expected to go beyond the competition boundaries, aiming to cross-fertilise multiple robotics domain and foster discussions within the robotics community. ERL Emergency Robots 2017 will also provide a forum where roboticists from different areas can exchange ideas, show the state-of-the-art and outline the future of robotics research not only in Europe, but in the whole world.

Companies and academic institutions are invited to attend the event and present their work and perform a demo as an exhibitor and/or as a sponsor.

The call for sponsors is also open with a limited number of places (https://eu-robotics.net/robotics_league/erl-emergency/sponsors/index.html).

Please visit www.robotics-league.eu for detailed information or contact erl.emergency@robotics-league.eu

Additional Information

Website: www.robotics-league.eu

Media inquiries: media@sparc-robotics.eu

Contact: erl.emergency@robotics-league.eu

Social Media:

Twitter: twitter.com/sparcrobotics

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SPARCrobotics

YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/euRobotics

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/eurobotics-aisbl

Gianluca Antonelli

3. ICRA 2017 Workshop on Industry of the Future: Announcement and Call for Contributions

Dear colleagues,

we invite you to submit your contributions to the ICRA 2017 Full Day Workshop “IC^3 - Industry of the future: Collaborative, Connected, Cognitive. Novel approaches stemming from Factory of the Future & Industry 4.0 initiatives”.

The Workshop will be held at ICRA 2017 on June 2, 2017 from h. 8:30 to 17:00 in Room 4801AB/4802 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Workshop webpage: http://sssa.bioroboticsinstitute.it/workshops/IC3_icra2017

Email for submissions (manuscripts or multimedia): ic3.icra2017@santannapisa.it

*Organizers from ACADEMIA*
Paolo Dario Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA)
Alois Knoll Technische Universität München
Lakmal Seneviratne

*Organizers from INDUSTRY*
Massimo Maffei
Vice President Manufacturing Technologies and Infrastructure Facilities
Piaggio & C. S.p.A.

Arturo Baroncelli
Business Development Manager
COMAU Robotics S.p.A.
Past President and present member of the Board of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Member of the euRobotics AISBL Board of Directors

*Keywords*(not limited to)
·Industry 4.0;
·Factory of the Future;
·Collaborative robots for manufacturing industry;
·Connected robots for manufacturing industry;
·Cognitive robots for manufacturing industry;
·Wearable robots to reduce fatigue and increase safety of workers;
·Health & safety at workplace;
·Eco-sustainability of industrial processes;
·Aerial, ground and marine robotic vehicles;
·Disassembly and dismantling.

*Workshop Objectives*
Manufacturing processes are being extensively transformed and actions such as the Industry 4.0 and Factory of the Future are being launched to drive this change. The Industry of the future will be Collaborative, Connected and Cognitive (IC^3 ). This IC^3 paradigm could herald a fundamental positive impact on global economy, with both automation and artificial intelligence (AI) driving the fourth industrial revolution. Furthermore, the emergence of Circular Economy opens up new opportunities for robotics and automation to deliver new and efficient solutions for high quality disassembly and dismantling tasks, leading to yet unexplored paradigms of sustainable industry. This workshop will trace the current trends in manufacturing with the expected impact of promoting safety at work, increasing efficiency and competitiveness, and improving the eco-sustainability of industrial processes.

*Topics of interest*
The organizers and the invited talks will review some of the coordinated initiatives that were recently activated, such as Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 in Europe, as well as the international initiatives adopting the Circular Economy guidelines. The presentations will provide the strategic vision towards novel approaches stemming from present initiatives, as the next business models and industrial processes are envisaged to be collaborative, connected and cognitive.

*Call for Contributions*
Prospective participants are solicited to submit short or full papers (2+ pages), optionally accompanied with multimedia attachments, or multimedia only contributions about the possibilities to:

·empower manufacturing production lines in a collaborative, connected and cognitive fashion
·integrate machine and reinforced learning with mechatronics to sense and act in order to assist workers and to upgrade their qualification from manual operators to supervisors of routine tasks;
·build systems with human-like decision making abilities resulting in greater efficiency and increased quality;
·explain how cobots could respond more flexibly, robustly and efficiently to the everyday needs of workers in professional environments
·cyber-physical factory as a complete system from assembly to dismantling
·develop efficient techniques for manufacturing advanced composites;
·develop novel procedures for the automated manufacturing and assembly of aerospace components.

The recommended IEEE template for papers can be downloaded here:


To participate, submit all the applicable contents via email to: ic3.icra2017@santannapisa.itby February 26, 2017. Please consider to use a cloud base storage service provider for the heavier attachments.

All contributions will undergo a brief review by the organizers, and the authors will be notified of acceptance by March 12, 2017. On the basis of a quality impact, the selected authors will be given an opportunity to hold 2 up to 20 minutes talks during the dedicated session of the Workshop. Furthermore, the selected papers will be considered for being invited in an upcoming journal special issue related to the Workshop topics.

*Important Dates*
Paper and multimedia submission: February 26, 2017.
Notification of acceptance: March 12, 2017.
Workshop: June 2, 2017.

We look forward to your contributions and participation.

Best regards,
Paolo Dario
Alois Knoll
Lakmal Seneviratne
Massimo Maffei
Arturo Baroncelli

4. Post-doc position on ``Wearable Haptics and Grasping Devices Enhancing Robotic Synergy-Based Prosthesis'' - @IIT

Post-doc position on ``Wearable Haptics and Grasping Devices Enhancing Robotic Synergy-Based Prosthesis'' at the Dept. of Advanced Robotics of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genova, Italy

The deadline for applications is February 28th, 2017.
This is the link of the job post

The Advanced Robotics Research Line at IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genoa, Italy) is looking for an outstanding, highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to work in the field of mechatronics development of wearable haptics and grasping devices enhancing robotic synergy-based prosthesis. The position is offered within “SoftPro - Synergy-based Open-source Foundations and Technologies for Prosthetics, Rehabilitation and Orthotics” project carried out in partnership with other universities, research institutes and companies in Europe. The SoftPro project is funded by the European Union?s H2020 Programme with Grant Agreement 688857.

The post-doc will research into innovative methods/frameworks to develop and study wearable mechatronic solutions to enhance the performance of soft prosthesis prototypes. Such technological and theoretical results will address new studies and experiments for the improvement of the usability of low-cost and easy-to-access rehabilitative devices.

** Desired qualifications include:
- PhD degree in computer science, electrical or mechanical engineering.
- Experience in control system design.
- Experience in Mechatronics.
- Experience in C/C++ and Matlab.
- Experience in CAD design is desirable,
- Excellent publication record. - Creativity and proactive attitude.
- Fluency in both spoken and written English.
- Strong team player.

** The salary will depend on qualifications and experience and will include additional health benefits.

** To apply, please send electronically a detailed CV with list of publications, university transcripts, your best first-author paper, a cover letter outlining motivation and statement of research interests/plan and two references letters to applications@iit.it and stating “SOFTPRO POST DOC CB 73243 “ in the subject of the e-mail. Only complete applications will be evaluated.

** For questions/info please contact Prof. Domenico Prattichizzo ( domenico.prattichizzo@iit.it).

Domenico Prattichizzo

5. Three PhD positions in the area of physical human-robot interaction (HRI) - @IIT (Arash Ajoudani)

The Italian Institute of Technology (https://iit.it/), an English speaking institute placed in Genoa, Italy, in collaboration with Nearlab, Medical Robotics Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano (http://www.polimi.it/en/) is offering three PhD positions (expected starting date May 2017)on:

PhD Theme #1. Real-time monitoring of the human intention and physical capabilities in human-robot collaboration

PhD Theme #2. Advanced Physical Human-Robot Interfaces for Exoskeletons

PhD Theme #3. EMG-based control of lower limb prosthetic systems

Application Procedure: In order to apply for these positions, it is mandatory to refer to the procedures required by the Politechnico di Milano. The official notice and the procedure for admissions is available at this link: http://www.dottorato.polimi.it/en/looking-for-a-phd/call-for-positions-a...

Interested applicants should follow the admission instructions, and additionally submit their CV electronically outlining experience and qualifications, list of publications, a statement of research interests and plans and the names of at least two referees to the research coordinators of each theme detailed below, quoting HRI-PhD2017 in the email subject.

Please apply before March 6, 2017.

Details of the PhD themes available at: https://www.iit.it/phd-school

Arash Ajoudani

6. Post-doc position in mobile robotics and multi-robot coordination @UNIMORE

The Automation, Robotics and System Control (ARSControl) group of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, is seeking for a highly qualified and motivated *POST-DOC RESEARCHER* to work in the field of mobile robotics and multi-robot coordination.

The researcher will be involved in a project in collaboration with the local branch of a large multinational company active in the field of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for factory logistics.
The objective of the project include the design of path planning and control strategies for the AGVs, the definition of a model of the traffic, and the coordination of the fleet.

The expected duration of the first phase of the project is 1 year.
However, both our research group and the company are interested in continuing the cooperation. Therefore, based on the achieved results, the post-doc contract can be extended, or the researcher can be hired by the company.

We are looking for an outstanding scientist with a PhD in Robotics (or a closely related field) and an excellent publication record in one or more of the following areas:
- Control of mobile robots
- Path planning and navigation for mobile robots
- Traffic management and coordination

*How to apply*
Interested applicants should submit their CV (including a description of previous experience and a list of publications) to Lorenzo Sabattini lorenzo.sabattini@unimore.it before March 20, 2017.

For further information please contact lorenzo.sabattini@unimore.it

kind regards
Lorenzo Sabattini